Restoration of Civil Rights

The Josiah T. Walls Bar Association partners with several other organizations in an effort to assist convicted felons with restoring their civil rights.  JTWBA hosts community empowerment workshops which are geared towards: (1) educating the community about the restoration of civil rights ("RCR") process (2) exploring the effects of disenfranchisement and (3) training attorneys, law students, and other volunteers to assist convicted felons with applying to have their civil rights restored.    

On January 15, 2005, the JTWYLD participated in a community empowerment workshop sponsored by the Martin Luther King Jr. Commission of Florida Inc., ("MLK Commission"). This workshop consisted of a panel of persons discussing the process of restoring civil right in Florida.  Following the discussion several members of the JTWBA assisted people with completing the RCR application.  During the months that followed, eight workshops were held to assist other applicants with this process.  Approximately 80 convicted felons applied to have their civil rights restored through these workshops.  Since the initial community empowerment workshop in January 2005, the JTWBA has been committed to supporting efforts related to restoring civil rights.  Meshon Rawls is the coordinator for this project.  If you are interested in becoming involved, need information on upcoming workshops or would like to learn more about the RCR process please contact us.

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